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Evolution is nothing but a process of development from one form to another. Everything in this world must go through a slow process of change. This change is silent and often goes unnoticed until a drastic change is visible. Thus, my style of working is also like this slow process of evolution with gradual transformation rather than spontaneous preparation.

My current show is centered on women and their emotions. Every woman goes through many phases in her life where she is a daughter, a wife, a mother etc. and each of these is equally demanding. In playing all these roles she has completely forgotten about herself and her life is just a hollow and superficial one. Through my work, I wish to capture these feelings of emptiness and the true face behind the numerous masks. In this process, I feel connected with every woman around the globe and that a world without women would lack the soft touch of love. My work projects reality for the sake of naturalism and intense emotion to inspire each and every woman.

The Power to rediscover and reconnect to her is a paradox between reality and fiction is cultural obligation.

She doesn’t need to be fragile, submissive, suppressed or dependent. She needs to believe in herself and not the shallow victory. She connects to everybody outside but is disconnected within her core self.

INVOLVE to EVOLVE” is my message for all women to break free from the shackles and be her own self, to get connected with her inner self and discover her true potential.

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