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Man expresses himself in many ways, through dance, through pottery, through weaves, through poetry, through architecture, through invention and through art.

Man expresses himself in many ways, through dance, through pottery, through weaves, through poetry, through architecture, through invention and through art.

I express myself through my art.

As an artist, a painter, I have gone through many stages and my earlier works have expressed each stage. Search for something more, something to give feeling of peace and tranquility eluded the artist in me till my search brought me to the Buddha. The Buddha – Enlightenment: The need to capture the being of peace.


Symbols associated with the one are the Lotus flowers, the lotus bud, the lotus leaf and even its slender stalk and all adhere to an artist expression. In this display of Buddha I have brought to you the Buddha painted by my inner-self.


I humbly offer you the master of Eternity, the food for the soul to cherish and awaken a longing for peace.


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