About Me

I ME Myself, I believe and delight in Myself (ME)

I am an Exuberant and Enthusiastic person

I embraced the moment that I got, to excel in life to blossom as I was very inclined towards creativity and passionate towards art, I grabbed the opportunity to get myself a professional academic education  to broaden my horizons.

My growth as an Artist really started in the year 2000.

I painted, whatever my vision could capture and experimented in every media. I got my hands on favorites like oil, pastels, charcoal. Acrylic came much later in life different mediums.

I got the Bachelors of Fine Art (BFA) Degree from Sir J J School of Arts in the year 2009.

After pursuing fine arts I wanted to further discover myself in (Commercial) Applied art.  I got admission in Sophia college of art polytechnic 

In the year 2011 my work was selected by the Bombay Art Society. Two paintings were selected amongst thousand of Artists all over India. It was a moment of pride, when my work were exhibited in the renowned art gallery, Jehangir, Colaba.

Since then there was no looking back. I managed to create a lot of work on canvas and paper.

Initially it was figurative and a lot to do with women, their expression and the facade they wear, Now its heading towards abstract (like the wing for soul)

My Motto

Eliminate everything that is not motivating and not inspiring to me and not making me move forward. I do not need to be better than anyone else. I just need to be better than I used to be!

Experience and art can never be separated from each other.  The essence of my life and its varied emotions are the main theme of my art works.  I have expressed such experience of my life and have transformed these diverse instances through my art works in vivid shapes, forms and texture with use of bright colors to express myself.

About colours

Black and white  – right and wrong – joy and sorrow from these extreme emotions I started taking a more neutral path that was color grey, the colours of ash.  Proceeding towards the white colour beyond grey lies the white a healthier tomorrow and a peaceful more illuminated and enlightened calm me.

Black is to show gone are those days, where I saw no light, absence of light and created black. Red to show the power and strength in me. These color scheme dominate my canvas. Black, grey, white and red were more often used.

I have learnt in my experience to express and explore. When the mind, body and soul are in harmony there is no failure, That is my journey in process to succeed to balance them through art. casino online slots